Spirits of the Land

Purpose and Programs


Spirits of the Land Foundation, a non-profit corporation, incorporated under the laws of the Sac and Fox Nation, Oklahoma, was established to "operate for charitable, scientific and educational purposes for the benefit of State or Federally recognized Indian Tribes, Bands and Nations and the members thereof and to support scientific research to benefit Humanity and the Planet Earth."

The Spirits of the Land Foundation is a publicly supported organization incorporated under the Sac and Fox Nation.

Founders and Advisory Board Members


Dedication To the Artist

The Spirits of the Land Foundation wishes to thank Dorothy Sullivan for designing and painting the Foundation's logo. The logo receives high praise from everyone who sees it. Dorothy Sullivan's roots reach deeply into Oklahoma soil. The award-winning artist is not only a native, she also is part Cherokee with ancestors who came from Georgia on the Trail of Tears. Her pride in that heritage is explicit in her paintings. Dorothy was able to translate a dream of Randy Ziesenis into the reality of the "Spirit of the Land" logo.

Dennis Weaver/Institute of Ecolonomics

For his generous support, the Spirits of the Land Foundation dedicates this page to Mr. Dennis Weaver and the Institute of Ecolonomics. Mr. Weaver, known for his work including leading and supporting roles in Gunsmoke, Gentle Ben, McCloud, Lonesome Dove and Steven Spielberg's first movie, the cult classic, "Duel", is the founder and president of the Institute of Ecolonomics. The Institute studies and promotes sound relationships between the environment and the economy. The Institute of Ecolonomics is in part supported by tax deductible donations. The address of the Institute is P. O. Box 257, Ridgeway, Colorado 81432.



Some of the programs for which the Foundation will be seeking financial support are:

Funds to underwrite these programs will come from charitable contributions, foundations and individuals interested in helping American Indians and other indigenous people retain their heritage and culture and support research for humanitarian reasons and conservation of Planet Earth.

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